BodyWell Focuses on Community

BodyWell was originally founded by an Australian Chiropractor, Dr. Christian, and it opened its doors on 18th October 2003 to provide a unique and patient-centered service to Canterbury and all surrounding towns and villages. No.1 to the BodyWell Group is community health and wellness. Therefore, you will see them partaking in all community and charity events, engaging with people to become more aware of the choices available to achieve better health, naturally.

BodyWell Excels at Recognition

First award winning chiropractic and spinal health care center in Kent, BodyWell has remained true to its vision by providing the highest standard of patient care and committed to providing service excellence. People now travel from abroad to seek the expertise of the health team at the BodyWell Group.

BodyWell Uses Modern Technology

A state of the art facility with advanced diagnostic technology and a team of 10 professionals serving patients locally from Canterbury throughout Kent and overseas, the doctors, specialists and staff recognize the need to remain up to date with Continuing Professional Development (CPD).