Family-centered care is an approach to health care that shapes health care policies, programs, facility design, and day-to-day interactions among patients, families, physicians, and other health care professionals. Health care professionals who practice family-centered care recognize the vital role that families play in ensuring the health and well-being of children and family members of all ages.

Paediatric & Child Development is at the core of BodyWell services and family because we recognize the ability to help children understand the importance of health from a very young age. The uniqueness of the services provided by the BodyWell Group is that we seek to identify the cause of your problem. With that in mind, we have one objective: to resolve your current condition, prevent it from returning and/or assist you in experiencing greater levels of health and wellness.

Providing an extensive list of professional services, the BodyWell Group is the largest Wellness facility of its kind to help families in Kent. As the first award winning center of its kind, BodyWell has continued to invest in the latest technology to provide you with health care excellence, with fees affordable for families.