Orthotics are devices that are worn to correct foot and ankle problems without surgery. Treatment can often begin with less expensive off-the-shelf orthotics and progress to a custom orthotic if the diagnosis and symptoms require it. Foot pads are the simplest devices. They can be placed on the bottom of the foot, or inside the shoe, but take up only a small area in the shoe. They are used to treat conditions that often cause pain at the front of the foot. Exciting new developments in our understanding of how the body works brings with it some great advances in technology that can benefit us all. If you have come to understand that having your posture and spine in balance contributes to a full and healthy life, then it will come as no surprise that having stable and balanced feet are the foundation for this. Your feet support everything you do on the way you stand, walk and run, protecting your spine, bones and soft tissues from any stress from the way you move.

BodyWell has positioned itself as a market leader becoming one of the first health organisations in the UK to use 3-D weight-bearing foot scanning technology to ensure your body is receiving the right support.

Our InMotion Stabilizing Orthotics are infused with Silver and Celliant to provide the most control over odor and moisture. Celliant is clinically proven to help increase blood oxygen levels, which can help boost energy, amplify stamina and strength, and balance body temperature. InMotion Stabilizing Orthotics are engineered to help take activity to the next level.