BodyWell Group Reviews

Here are real patient reviews from around the web about my services and The BodyWell Group.

  • BodyWell has changed my life. I have struggled with back problems for years, seen Consultants and even had spinal injections. Nothing has helped. I went for a free spine and health check and had some testing to help identify the cause of my problem. I have never had these tests done before and was very impressed by how thorough the doctor was. I had x-rays and digital nerve scans and my results reported to me personally within 72 hours. The service was impeccable. Having had treatment for just 6 weeks, my pain has not only gone, but I am able to join in return to the gym and start exercising again.
  • I read the reviews online and decided to give BodyWell a go. Glad I did and everything I had read reflected true with my experience. Very professional and helpful. Thank you.
  • I suffered from severe headaches and migraines ever since I was a teenager. They were excruciating and resulted in me losing my job. A close friend recommended Dr. Christian at BodyWell after they helped her child with growing pains. so I thought I'd make an appointment to see if they could help me
  • My son had growing pains and I was told they would get better by themselves. 2 years later and he was no better so I called BodyWell and they were amazing. After just 2 visits, my son's pains were gone. I felt terrible knowing that he could have had this sorted much earlier. I have told my GP so he can refer other kids so they don't need to suffer like my son did. I have recommended other parents and children and they too have had a really positive experience.
  • My dad was really finding it difficult to walk just 100 yards. Poor sleep and his mobility was deteriorating fast. Muscle weakness and pain dominated his life. So I took him to Dr. Christian and Dr. Tracy at The BodyWell Group. They were so kind and caring, spending time to listen and fully understand my dad's condition. They ordered x-rays and did nerve scans, then got the results back in a couple fo days. They started treatment immediately and after 4 weeks of chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises, my dad can walk 2 miles without pain. He isn't perfect, but the improvement has been incredible. We know he has a long way to go, but we are forever grateful for the expertize we have received from BodyWell.